Saturday, September 5, 2009

The decision is made

It has been decided. I've accepted a job teaching in the Middle East. I will be required to wear the abaya which is a black covering that women wear - covering their hair, their bodies. Only their hands, face and feet will show. Or rather only MY hands, face and feet will show.

I love color. I love to wear pink clothes, clothes with flower prints. I dislike wearing sleeves in hot weather, I love the wind in my hair. And green. I love a green blouse to bring out my beautiful eyes. This is the sacrifice. This is what I lose to lead this daring adventure I call my life.


I used to wear black to work every day. All black with one whimsy - troll earrings, a pin with a silly face, crazy shoes, a quilted jacket. All black and one whimsy. That was my uniform.

I'm seeing the abaya as just that - a black uniform. It is intimidating. Not frightening, just intimidating. Respectful appreciation for the culture I'm going to is what is leading my logic. And THAT is good. But no whimsy. Who knows what the rules will be for westerners, for in the class, for being in the women only malls? I have questions out to the recruiter, I've requested a discussion with a current woman worker there. Perhaps my intimidation is just my imagination. But I don't think so.

Perhaps my words will become my whimsy? Time will tell.

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