Friday, October 16, 2009

Magic in the Air

It's quiet here. Winter is twisting and twirling through the branches of trees that no longer hold their leaves clutched to their branches. Gently drifting away, they dust the path behind the house. The chill turns our breath into tiny ice crystals as we call a simple hello and as laughter falls from our lips. The fire bushes are turning red... and still the cold comes.

As has become my habit, every night I step outside looking for my old friend Orion. I don't remember learning how to identify him, how to find him, but he's been with me as long as I can remember.

I once heard a man say that when you are on your way, you are already there. Some part of me is in the desert, waiting to feel the shifting sands, the wind blowing a scarf in front of my face, the heat dripping into my skin as the sweat drips down the crevices of my body. In my heart I have already begun the journey, I have already turned my face in the direction of the heat. Even so, my friend Orion will be with me, as he has my entire life, shooting the monsters from my dreams and bringing me hope as only night's magic can.

Look around you , my friend, see the beauty that you have, and love it. Hold it, claim it, dance with it. For it is here for you. And say hello to Orion. He is waiting, up in the sky to chase away your monsters and to brighten your night.

pamila jo

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