Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flushing with possibility

I'm having a torrid love affair in Korea. Yes, I am. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I ended a love affair with a beautiful man and have commenced upon a new tet-a-tet.

It is certainly a new experience, this love affair. It is with the plumbing here. Ahhh, you may not know about the wonderful toilets here. Yes, you read that right - the toilets. Whether it is intermission at a concert, a break between meetings or stooping by an office building's facilities, there is always the opportunity for a little love in the afternoon!

How is it possible to be in the midst of such scandal? If only you had access to what is de riguer here. yes, yes there are squatters and the common western thrones, but on occasion, when you are very lucky and the planets are aligned just so, you find yourself in a top of the line stall that promises you expulsion bliss.

On the sides are two rows of buttons. One row warms the seat - ahhhh lovely, happy winter bum! The other row has choices of spray or stream, angled just so, heaven! Turn up the temperature, or down if you dare, and soon Hitachi will be out of business.

When you've ended your sordid exploits in the loo and have lit up a fag, there is always the blow dry option.

Yes, my darlings, even the toilets are risque in Korea.

*pic is off the internet... couldn't seem to upload mine!

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