Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Beca's 40th birthday! Woo Hoo!!!! And she's having a big party! Woo Hoo!!! Many of my friends are flying into Washington D.C. for her party! Woo Hoo! Flights from here cost $1,600. Woo. Hoo. *sigh*

People ask if it's hard to be far from people. Of course it is, but it is the price I pay for the work I do, for the life I live. In moments like this, though, it is beyond hard. It is lonely. I want to be there, hug them, dance with them, be silly with them. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can flirt like my friends and I when we get together - sometimes innocent batting of the eyelashes, a deep in the throat growl, actual gawking, seductive looks, flipping of the hair, we do it all! Sometimes we don't do a thing, and the cleavage, tight skirts, big hair and scent of sexy woman is enticing enough. Vaa Vaa Vaa Voom!

But none of that for me for Beca's fortieth. $1,600 was more than I could commit for a party, and the time change would have thrown me. Let's not even talk about trying to ask for the time off. It just wasn't gonna happen.

*Cue the music.* Here she comes to save the day!!! Alana! My hero! She is Wonder Woman (complete with bustier, flippy dark hair, and invisible plane). Ok the plane is actually Skype. From Florida to DC she took her computer with her, carrying it to the restaurant, and making sure the webcam worked, and she was Lt. Uhura on the Star Ship Birthday Palooza!

We toasted Beca's birthday, them with evening adult beverages, me with a tiny bottle of champagne I picked up just for this event. I met new people that I've only heard of, blew kisses to old friends, and laughed half a world away from the physical party. Wonder Alana Woman trudged from here to there, her camera distorting images until she landed on someone and shared the scene with me.

Laughter turned to tears as I told her in a private moment how much it meant to me to be included. Without Alana, I would have been left out of my girlfriend's birthday party. I can't tell you how it touched me to be a part of it. It is good to belong. Much love to Alana, my Wonder Woman.



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