Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Urge to Hide from Life

It's not always easy, life.

While generally things are bright and good if we choose to look at them that way, there is always something that is a monkey on our backs. I certainly have them, we all do don't we?

Today is a difficult day for me. I look around my room, the little pink post-its with words that tell me of stories I want to write, characters I want to breathe life into, ideas I want to use, and even though I'm surrounded by these little bits of inspiration, I find it hard to pick up the pen.

I'm feeling overwhelmed - by the simple things - paying bills, errands to run, letters to write, gifts to be gotten, mail to be sent. There is truly nothing overwhelming about them. I just don't know which one to do first!

So, rather than just sit and stew, I'm off to Mrs. Jung's Coffee Shop. She plays jazz music over the speakers and old black and white movies on the wall (no sound). The coffee is good, the chairs are comfortable, and the setting is relaxing.

I think I will make a logo for her ... just for fun. (after I do at least 2 of the things above - paying bills, writing a couple of letters, and perhaps even reading a chapter in a book. I think I'm allowed to rest. I'm allowed to have peace. And as importantly, a good cup of coffee is a blessing.

Best to you all.

Coffee mug is at this website:

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