Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The child is the parent of the adult...

I received this note from a man today. He and I went to high school together.

"I realized years ago I and many others were mean to you."

He's not in a 12 step program. He doesn't have to apologize for any harm he did to others. He's just a kind man that realized what he did a long time ago.

I remember high school. I remember it as so many others do - hell. *I was going to say "challenging" but let's be real... It was one of those places where the social was much more difficult to navigate than the intellectual.

This man was not the worst of the people. Hell, I don't even remember the kids that much. I remember being traumatized from what had happened years before. I lived my entire teenage years still reeling from some pretty horrible abuse that had happened in my younger years. I was one messed up kid! Today, people would notice. Perhaps people noticed then, too, but they didn't know what to do.

This one man's apology made me cry, made me remember how hurt I was. It also softened up some hard part in my heart. I hate going back to my old hometown. If it were all forgiven, I wouldn't harbor anger and resentment. Thanks, buddy. Thank you for waking up that sleeping dog and taking the thorn out of its infected paw. Now it's time for the healing.


(yep, that's really me. 9 years old. I've gotten bigger over the years.)

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  1. Wow, Pamila. What a beautiful gift he gave you.

    Everyone can relate to this on some level. Either we were one of the picked-on kids, or we were doing the picking. Or maybe a little of both. (Nothing turns a kid into a meanie like having other kids be mean to you.)

    On a totally different subject... I just installed an internet connection in my house tonight and downloaded Skype and you're the first contact I added! And it's almost 1:30AM here so I can't call anyone else anyway. :-)

    So let's start being Skype pals. Be gentle with me, okay? It's my first time...