Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Guardian of Wisdom

That's my teacher look. Is it daunting enough? I'm such a goofball in class, sometimes I think they don't take me seriously. Now, strong words:

Where's your homework?

There is a great responsibility that comes with teaching. When we present information, we are the experts, we are molding minds and opinions.

Never has that been so real for me as when I received requests from my students. I am doing a research project. What do students here want from their teachers? A wish list, three items. I thought they would say things like "be prepared" or "show videos" or "speak slowly." A few did. Certainly. However, most were about personality - they all boiled down to this: don't hurt me, be kind.

So, today, I remind myself - they are nervous. They want to do well. It is *MY* responsibility to create a safe environment for them to learn, to try, to succeed and to fail, to dust themselves off and get back on the horse.

So... unconditional positive regard. Thank you, Carl Rogers.


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