Wednesday, November 10, 2010

By Invitation Only

The note came in an email. Do you want to join me for Russian Opera and Ballet? Russian? Hmmm. I check my map. Yep! I'm still in Korea. Tilting my head to the side, I can see Russian BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG Russia. It's to celebrate Russian - Korean Diplomatic Relations her letter continued. And leeeeeetle So. Korea, the mouse that roared.

First, Russian Ballet. Best in the world. No brainer.
Second, combination of two very different cultures. Intellectual porn.
Third, making a new friend. Well yeah.

It is the trifecta of fabulous.

We manage the buses, the language difficulties, and the hills that are the face of Korea, and there was the National Museum.

The tickets were By Invitation Only. I was invited. Wow.


Tonight I watched the best ballerina I've ever seen - she moved like water. Diana Vishneva. I heard Elchin Azizov, sing like the sound of G*d coming down from on high.

And how did that happen? By sitting on the bus on my way home from work and saying hello to the woman sitting beside me, Irina. She is from St. Petersburg and studies Korean and came here to continue her studies.

How many times do we sit on the bus and don't speak to the person beside us? We don't smile at the checkout counter person, we don't thank the person who pumps our gas, we don't invite the person behind us in line at the coffee shop to sit for a spell and chat. Our lives have become "By Invitation Only" and YOU aren't invited.

Where are your invitations? Somewhere under a pile of nonsense? Dusty beside the television? Stuck between the seats of our cars? If you start passing them out, life may overwhelm you with a woman who moves like water or a man who has the voice of G*d in his larynx. Or maybe you'll just get lil ole me, and that wouldn't be too bad, would it?

In case you are wondering, in my world, you ARE invited.

Here is the website for the event: It's worth just going to see the logo. You can spare ten seconds, can't you?

Pic from the internet.

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