Monday, May 30, 2011

It's not my place...

I have a student who has been driving me a little crazy. She doesn't listen to my answers, she doesn't do the speaking exercises, and she has no social graces.

I realized that because of the language barrier, I couldn't see what is actually obvious. She has Asperger's. The funny thing is, I adore people with Asperger's. How did I not see this?

I will admit that I was soooooo frustrated with her! And now I understand why people get frustrated with people who are on the Autism spectrum. Without context, it is really difficult.

It feels kind of bad to be realizing 4 months later ... *duh* Ah well, I wouldn't have diagnosed her as a teacher to native speakers either. It just makes everything fall into place.

I'm torn about asking her - I think in Korea people don't talk about these things, but it would make her life so much easier, I think, if she knew there were people like her and if she could find those people.

But it's not my place.

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