Saturday, October 26, 2013

At last - rejection!

I am loving the "fly-by" requests I'm throwing out.  When my friends and I went to the 5k run today, I was wearing a headband that I've had for about a year and a half.  It has a red sparkly heart on it.  As part of the race, you were able to get a pair of funky eyeglasses or a mask or a headband with pumpkins or sparklies or some such.  I chose a headband with spiders (to taunt a fellow that I know is afraid of spiders...) but my friends both got heart shaped sunglasses.  In the frenetic energy of the moment, I heard my name.  "You have to get pink heart glasses!"  So, I asked if I could exchange my red heart headband for the glasses.  SURE! was the answer.  Thus bespectacled (and not bespeckled as the folks in leopard print), off we went to get temporary tattoos, have our skirts blown up (if we had been wearing skirts) and to twerk our money makers!

Where is the rejection you may ask.  The photographer for the skirts blowing up... "Want to have dinner with me after the race?" says me.  "I have to work," says he.  But I got a pretty cool photo out of it.  That ain't awful!

*edited to add:  Kerry says, "you missed out your epic craze-making photo-bombing." (true... I started photo bombing every time I could... before you could say kimchi, it became a race fad!  That's me... cutting edge!)

photo by some random person at the race.

Somebody learned how to photo bomb for real!

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