Saturday, October 19, 2013

New 30 Day Challenge

Albert Ellis  - brilliant man.

When I was in college, I read about his attempt to get over his fear of rejection from women.  He asked 100 women out - all of whom said no - and it worked!

Cupid - an old show that lasted I think only a season with Jeremy Piven.  In one episode, he convinced people to go out and get rejections.  Whoever got the most rejections at the end of the night wins!

I took those with some friends when I was in my 30s and did something similar.  We all asked out as many people as possible, put some money in a pot for a day at the spa.  Whomever got the most rejections won.  (I won - my friends all got boyfriends.  C'est la vie).

Four years ago I met a man who was the man of my dreams.  We got on famously - chatted by skype and phone, flirted on message boards.  He was in Britain, and me?  I'm in Asia.  C'est la vie.

And then my sister friend got cancer.  I was sitting at dinner with a bunch of brilliant, beautiful women and their equally brilliant and gorgeous men, and I was the only single one there.  What the heck?  So I wrote to the man of my dreams, and we decided to "give it a go."  It went nowhere.  He's something of a work-aholic, and I am a woman who likes interaction with folks I'm interested in.  All I had with him really was hope, but damn, it was four years of hope.  Two days of crying, a bottle of wine, some pastries, Gordon Ramsey videos, kdrama, and now I'm ready to get back in the saddle.  But I'm still in Asia and it's dang hard at my age (40s) to find a man interested / interesting.

So... the 30 day challenge.

I will ask one man out for a date every day.

The rules:
No one whom I know to be married, involved, or gay.
No one I already know.
No one I dislike.
No one I asked before.

Everyone else is fair game.  English speaker or no!

I have to ask individuals, not groups.  No telling them until after the rejection.  Take a photo with them if possible.  At the end of 30 days, I reward myself for dealing with my rejections by going to the spa and having a massage.  (Keep me honest, people - I've been trying to talk myself into getting a massage for 3 years).

Nothing happens.

Let's MAKE something happen.

Today is day 1.

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